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Buying Cheaper Gaming Laptops in 2018

Buying Used vs. Buying Refurbished

A few months ago, Intel released their 8th gen processors. Most of these 8th gen processors landed in some of the newer gaming laptop models. The most popular of these newer laptops come with the 6-core, 8750H CPU. The problem is, these newer 6-core processors might be out of the price range of some gamers while not offering too much added advantage in games.

Unless you play games that are heavily CPU dependent or your work (maybe video editing, 3d modelling or some other type of production) needs the CPU horsepower, there some very capable 7th gen CPUs that are cheaper that will give you superb performance. It is important to remember that most modern games find it hard to take advantage of more than two to four cores unless you are doing something like streaming or recording while you play. The most important component is the GPU.

The Nvidia GTX 1050, 1050 TI and 1060 GPUs have shown that you can play even the latest games with just four cores. Pairing your 7th Gen CPU with one of these GPUs will give you some superb performance benefits over breaking the bank for an 8th gen, 6-core CPU that you will never take full advantage of.

Buying used vs. buying refurbished

We understand that there is a stigma associated with buying used or refurbished and we will look at some of these points and the myths right below. First, we need to understand that used is just that, used. Nothing has been done to it, nothing has been swapped out and in most cases, you will be buying from a third party seller.

Refurbished on the other end means that the laptop or device was used, taken back to the factory, some of the used parts (like the batter or screen) changed for new ones and then tested to conform to standards. Usually, refurbished devices will perform like new ones, but you might have to deal with some cosmetic issues like scuffs or tiny scratches.

Another huge advantage of buying refurbished is that most vendors will give you all the perks of a new machine, like new chargers, warranty and protection.

Who to buy from

Dell seems the best company to buy refurbished devices from. For one, they usually have lots of corporate clients who do not use their devices too much. This means that the devices Dell sells as refurbished are usually almost new, maybe with 2-3 months of actual use. Another reason for going with Dell is that they usually offer tons of discounts (usually 25-50%) for their refurbished devices. If you are looking for a refurbished gaming laptop, we would advise that you go with a refurbished XPS series laptop or a refurbished Dell Alienware Laptop.

Advice for buying used

If you decide to go with a used device, try to go with one with at least a 6th gen processor and an Nvidia GTX 1050 or 1060. This will give you the best combination of performance and lower wattage, which will, in turn, affect the thermal performance of the laptop, something that is quite important to keep an eye on in used laptops.

Also, be sure to stress test the laptop or device. Usually, some of the hidden issues, like thermal performance and related throttling, do not show up while gaming but show up on tests like 3D Mark and AIDA 64. Remember, you are handing over tons of money, you should be getting the best bang for your buck.

A selection of refurbished laptops for you

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